Angela Ratay

for Secretary

It’s time to elect your new PHMS student council members.

Whom should you choose?

Vote Angela Ratay for Secretary, because I’m…

Super Helpful.

Student Council Needs Help

Student council handles many issues. They’ll waste time and energy if they’re disorganized. Then nothing will get done. This can happen when:

  • Meetings stray off topic.
  • Members forget things from the previous meeting.
  • Members forget what to do before the next meeting.

Angela Will Help Them

Student council secretary takes care of stuff that sounds really boring to most people. However, a good secretary can make everything run smoothly. I’ll help to:

  • Organize meeting agendas (to keep members on topic).
  • Record minutes (to remind members what we discussed).
  • Create action lists (to remind members what to do next).

My name, Angela, literally means “helper”.

I’m running for student secretary, not just to help student council, but also to help you.

You Need Representation

Student council doesn’t exist just to plan events. It should represent the students too. Do you have a problem or suggestion that’s relevant to the things they handle? Then they should listen and consider what you say.

They only represent you if they ask what you think.

They only represent you if they stand up for you.

Angela Will Help You

Working on student council means working as a team. I can do that. If you elect me, though, part of my job will be to stand up for you.

Many people feel uneasy about to speaking up. Will such a person support your ideas or try to convince council members to support them? I will.

We’re all just students. Your ideas are as important as mine or anybody else’s. You need a friend on the student council who will work for you. That’s me, Angela Ratay!

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Council Secretary should help the council members and students. I’ll help them by keeping everything organized. This includes meeting agendas and meeting records. I’ll help you by representing you. This includes bringing students’ ideas before student council and keeping students informed of our progress toward our goals.

Tell me about it. I’ll listen, as long as you’re nice : ) Other people may have the same idea, and you’re the first person to voice it. If it seems like a good idea, and we can make it happen, then I’ll bring it to council and urge them to take action on it.

I’ve already created a News page. If you elect me, I’ll post regular updates of the progress we make toward accomplishing our goals. We may also use Cougar TV to share updates.

Yes, Samuel is my big bro. He’s running for Student Body President, and I hope you vote for him. We share the same values of representing you and improving PHMS for all students. Click this link to visit his website:

Check That Box.

Angela Ratay

for Secretary